Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Getting Schooled: Miss Peach of the Kelly School (1980-82)

I started out hunting for some animated clips based on Mell Lazarus' seminal comic strip, Miss Peach. The strip had first been adapted for television on Chuck Jones' 1971 ABC series, Curiosity Shop, but there aren't many clips from that series available.

I thought there might be an animated special or three that had aired on one of the networks, but that wasn't the case. Somewhere between 1980 & 1982, five half hour specials were produced, likely as Direct-to-Video (DTV) entries, using mostly puppets in support of actress Deborah Grover as Miss Peach. Voice talent includes Robin Duke (Saturday Night Live) & Martin Short (SCTV). Puppeteer Danny Seagren had previously worked on the original Electric Company as Spider-Man.

Here's one of the videos:

Posted in memory of Mell Lazarus, who passed away earlier this week.

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Goldstar said...

I hadn't heard about Mell Lazarus' passing. That's sad. R.I.P.

Three of those Miss Peach DTVs aired as TV specials during the 1980s. Two half hour episodes aired in syndication, while one hour long episode aired on NBC in the afternoon as one of the network's "Special Treat"s (basically, NBC's version of the Afterschool Special).

hobbyfan said...

The hour-long show might actually have been 2 of the DTV's paired together to fill time. Didn't know they aired on Special Treat.

Happened to see someone post a thread on Toonzone about Lazarus the other day, and that's how I knew he'd passed.