Friday, June 3, 2016

Getting Schooled: Why We Have Elections, or, The Kings of Snark (1972)

I realize the school year's almost over, but we are in an election year, after all. If you're of a certain age, like ye scribe, chances are you've seen this next offering.

Learning Corporation of America, at the time a unit of Columbia Pictures, commissioned former UPA producer Stephen Bosustow to create Why We Have Elections, otherwise known as The Kings of Snark, based on a children's book by Marie Winn. The voices heard in this short aren't credited, but they belong to Paul Winchell, who serves as narrator and voices several principal characters, and Larry Storch (The Brady Kids).

Does anyone here think Donald Trump would be a modern equivalent of King Boris with his bigoted approach to the Presidency?

Rating: B.

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