Wednesday, June 8, 2016

It Should've Been on a Saturday: Starcom: The US Space Force (1987)

In the late 80's, there was a movement afoot to get kids interested in becoming astronauts. As memory serves, there would be two series attached to this movement.

StarCom: The US Space Force, based on a short-lived toy line from Coleco, was one of those shows. DIC gained the license, but managed just 1 season (1987-8). As memory serves again, it aired on Sunday mornings, not on Saturdays, and it boggles the mind that no network executive worth his salt was willing to take a chance on this.

Coca Cola Telecommunications, which was a unit of Columbia Pictures Television (now Sony Pictures Television) handled distribution, making this one of four series Coca Cola teamed with DIC on (Dinosaucers, Real Ghostbusters, & The Karate Kid were the others), at least as far as I know. I recall the series airing in New York on channel 5, and I believe it was channel 23 in Albany.

However, I never saw the show, so there'll be no rating. We'll leave you with the intro.

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