Friday, October 9, 2015

Spooktober: The Vampire's Apprentice (Ghost Busters, 1975)

This might've been the first time that Count Dracula had been played as a buffoon.

Now, we all know the lore. Vampires usually don't end up as ghosts. Ghost Busters creator Marc Richards had other ideas, and presented a dimwitted Drac (Billy Holms), subservient to his wife, the Countess (Dena Dietrich, aka Mother Nature in those Chiffon margarine ads back in the day), in the episode, "The Vampire's Apprentice".

Richards and his staff might've been better off if they let co-star Larry Storch (Eddie Spencer) dub over Holms' lines. After all, he had some experience playing an animated parody of Dracula (The Groovie Goolies) a few years earlier, and would've made Dracula more of a traditional menace.

Rating: B.

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