Monday, October 12, 2015

Spooktober: Little Dracula (1991)

In the 80's, British author Martin Waddell began a series of children's books that suggested that Count Dracula would become domesticated and start a family. Problem was, Waddell envisioned Drac and his son as having green skin. Must've watched that episode of Spider-Woman where she battled a Dracula type to get that idea.

Fox acquired a license for a Little Dracula series in 1991, then gave up on it very quickly. 13 episodes were ordered, but only six aired, five of them in a single week. 4 more would air on Fox Family (now ABC Family) 8 years later. It was an independently produced series, not attached to a major studio, so why did viewers, and ultimately, the network, crap on it?

The green skin, most likely. A vampire is more likely to have pale skin, colored a different shade of white. Very few exceptions.

Here's a sample clip:

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