Sunday, October 25, 2015

Spooktober: I'll be a Son of a Ghostbuster (1986)

Filmation's Ghost Busters marks 40 years this year, but the animated sequel, Ghostbusters, turns 30 next year. So let's split the difference, shall we?

The series opener introduces viewers to Jake Kong, Jr. (Pat Fraley) and Eddie Spenser, Jr. (Peter Cullen), the sons of the original Ghost Busters (the elders are also voiced by Fraley & Cullen, who also essay several other characters), and their nemesis, the robotic futuristic ghoul, Prime Evil (Alan Oppenheimer), against whom the Ghostbusters' dematerializer has no effect. "I'll be a Son of a Ghostbuster" is part 1 of a 5 part serial that ran through the series' 1st week.

For those who wonder, I think the reason Filmation didn't recall the original series' stars, Forrest Tucker & Larry Storch, was money, as in, Filmation chose to save it.

Rating: B.

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