Monday, September 21, 2015

Toon Legends: Popeye in Strong to the Finich (1934)

Popeye is up against an unlikely opponent----orphans----in "Strong to the Finich".

The spinach eating sailor (Billy Costello) delivers a crate of spinach to a health farm owned by his girlfriend, Olive Oyl (Bonnie Poe; Mae Questel would not assume the role for a while yet), unaware that the kids absolutely detest spinach, and, likely, all vegetables in general. That forces Popeye to try to explain the merits of spinach, with predictable results.

The stereotype back then was that kids hated having veggies and fruit forced upon them as part of their meals. Not so today, with more of an emphasis on healthy eating.

Rating: B+.


Samuel Wilson said...

At least he's more forgiving here of people's prejudice than he was in another picture, in which he declared, "Anyone who doesn't like spinach is my emmeny!"

hobbyfan said...

Well, he's dealing with kids, so he has to be forgiving.