Monday, September 14, 2015

Toon Legends: Popeye in Spree Lunch (1957)

Blow me down! How could Jack Mercer, the voice of Popeye, forget how much of a moocher J. Wellington Wimpy is? Mercer wrote "Spree Lunch", which was the last theatrical short to feature Wimpy and Bluto, and was released in 1957.

Bluto (Jackson Beck) must have some money in the bank. How else to afford neon lights and other electronic gadgets for his mobile diner, which moves in across the street from Popeye's? All this really is, when you think of it, is a variation on the ages old fight over Olive Oyl, who is curiously absent.

Bluto's right about competition being necessary in business. It's just that Popeye doesn't see it, which makes one wonder just exactly why one eye is always shut, blinding the sailor to reality in the worst possible scenarios.

Rating: B-.

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