Saturday, September 26, 2015

Teenage Toons: What's With Andy? (2001)

By the time What's With Andy? had ended production in 2007, it had lost its American cable channel (had aired on ABC Family as part of a Jetix block), and so you can't be blamed if you assumed the show had already been cancelled.

The truth is, Andy stretched out three seasons across six years (2001-7) for whatever reason. After ABC Family had cancelled the show, no other American cable network opted to pick it up. From what I had seen, I wasn't impressed.

Here's the intro:

I think that while Andy was presented as a prank-happy kid, the producers had tried to also mine the vein of comedy from the former NBC series, Saved by the Bell, which had been laid to rest in 2000. Unfortunately, Andy was no Zack Morris.

Rating: C.

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