Saturday, September 12, 2015

Looney TV: Foghorn Leghorn & Daffy Duck meet Pat Paulsen (1970)

Pat Paulsen is remembered for his comic attempt at running for President, going as far back as 1968, when he was a frequent guest on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. In January 1970, ABC picked up Paulsen for his own Half a Comedy Hour, which lasted 13 weeks before being cancelled.

The point of this exercise, peeps, is a pair of clips from the show featuring Looney Tunes characters. The first is from week 3, where Pat opens with Foghorn Leghorn. Two weeks prior, as shown in the 2nd clip, Daffy Duck drops by. Paulsen must've been a cartoon fan.

In each case, Mel Blanc was given customary credit at the end of the show by announcer Billy Sands (ex-McHale's Navy). The entire series is out on DVD, if you want to scope it out for yourselves. A review on the show will be over at The Land of Whatever.

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