Saturday, September 21, 2013

Toon Sports: Bolts & Blip (2010)

Bolts & Blip is one of four new shows airing as part of CW's Vortexx Saturday lineup this season. What you might not know is that the series originally bowed in its native Canada in 2010 on Teletoon, and made its US debut in July of this year. In fact, none of Saban's acquisitions for this season are entirely new. For example, Spectacular Spider-Man returns to CW after a 4 year absence, having debuted there in 2008, and airs in back of Bolts.

Bolts is set in the year 2080, where robots are playing sports on the moon. Yeah, that sounds weird, doesn't it? The only recognizable name in the voice cast is Patrick Warburton (Rules of Engagement), whom I'm sure you'll recognize as the series opener rolls along.

The CGI animation is better than what WB has commissioned for Cartoon Network's Beware the Batman by plenty, but it's a sad fact that Bolts is already out of production. CW will carry the entire series, and then that'll be it.

Rating: B.

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