Saturday, September 21, 2013

Daytime Heroes: Sinbad, Jr. & the Flying Carpet (1965)

Sinbad, Jr. holds the distinction of having been produced by two different studios in the same season. American International wasn't happy with the way Sam Singer and Trans-Lux were producing the shorts, so they turned the series over to Hanna-Barbera, which meant a casting change. As we know, Tim Matheson (Jonny Quest) took over as Sinbad, with Mel Blanc as Salty. However, as this Sam Singer production we'll show you reveals, it appears that Dallas McKennon, who'd done Courageous Cat for Singer, handled both roles, as Salty sounds a little like his Daniel Boone role of Cincinnatus, and Sinbad has a little of Courageous to him, a voice pattern that McKennon would revisit and alter for Archie 3 years later.

Here's "Sinbad, Jr. & the Flying Carpet". This episode is taken from a tape that has it included with a syndicated repackaging of The Porky Pig Show. Also, there's a health lesson with Popeye from his CBS series.

In case you wonder, MGM, and for that matter, by extension, Sony, owns the rights to Sinbad, Jr. now, which would explain why the shorts haven't been seen on Boomerang in a long time.

Rating: B.

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