Sunday, September 22, 2013

Looney TV: The Plucky Duck Show (1992)

Someone at Fox thought that Plucky Duck would be the breakout star of Tiny Toon Adventures, which was airing 5, sometimes 6, days a week on the network. If they really believed that, then maybe they'd have pushed WB & Amblin Entertainment to make more original episodes of The Plucky Duck Show, which lasted one season as a result (1992-3).

Plucky (Joe Alaskey)'s adventures were cobbled together from reruns of Tiny Toons, seasons 1 & 2, which Fox, WB, & Amblin tried to pass off as all-new. Anyone that followed Tiny Toons, of course, knew better, which is why the series failed.

I never saw the show, so there's no rating, but let's leave you with the open, which itself recycles the Tiny Toons theme, but with Plucky-centric lyrics. Talk about on the cheap!


magicdog said...

How in Heaven's name did this happen????

TT was a great ensemble show and honestly, I don't know why it didn't run longer. I thought the characters and premise were a great way to inherit the mantle of the original Looney Tunes gang! To make a show centered around Plucky couldn't work. He was good in small does, but even Daffy had his limits, despite his charisma!

Even the opening theme song and recycled footage from TT makes it look cheaper than cheap!

The idiot who gave this the go ahead was probably the same fool who added Elmyra to Pinky & The Brain!

hobbyfan said...

My sentiments exactly!

I think they wanted to recapture the chemistry that Daffy & Porky had with Plucky & Hamton, even going so far as to have them do a Duck Dodgers skit. Have to see if I can find that one.......