Monday, September 30, 2013

Daytime Heroes: Danger Mouse (1981)

The British know how to poke fun at their own pop culture heroes.

Take for example, Danger Mouse. Thames Television & Cosgrove-Hall Productions introduced the one-eyed rodent to audiences in 1981 in England, and some time after that here in the US, when Nickelodeon acquired the series.

Meant to be a parody of British spy series of the 60's, such as Danger Man (which we know here in the US as Secret Agent), Danger Mouse proved to be very popular on both sides of the pond, and even spinning off one of the villains, Count Duckula, into his own series, which we'll cover as we get into Spooktober.

Scope out the episode, "Close Encounters of the Absurd Kind":

Nickelodeon, assuming they would still have the US rights to the series, would be well served to bring the show back at some point, just for kicks. It would save their current in-house shows from getting completely burned out.

Rating: B.

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