Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sunday Funnies: ABC's promo for their Sunday morning mini-block (1965)

Once upon a time, ABC & CBS used to air reruns on Sunday mornings of cancelled children's shows. ABC, though, mixed in some original programming co-produced through the network's news department. We've previously covered Discovery, Make A Wish, Kids Are People, Too, & Animals, Animals, Animals. What about their animated fare, though?

Well, unlike CBS, which just ran an hour's worth and let the affiliates decide where to place the shows, either before or after the network's block of religious-themed programming (i.e. Lamp Unto My Feet), ABC actually cared about their Sunday package. Then again, they had animated programming at night (The Flintstones & Jonny Quest) at the time. Tvp33 presents this clip, taken from the TV Party website.

Unfortunately, as I was growing up, the local affiliate was losing interest and we were lucky to actually see Discovery. Bullwinkle would eventually move to Saturdays to end its ABC run.

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