Thursday, May 30, 2013

It Should've Been on a Saturday: PicturePages (1978)

PicturePages began as a segment on Captain Kangaroo in 1978, with the Captain himself (Bob Keeshan) drawing some pictures for the young ones. In this regard, it might've been a spiritual successor to Jack Barry's Winky Dink & You, except that there weren't any animated adventures that went along with it. After a couple of years, Keeshan handed the magic marker and drawing board over to Bill Cosby (Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids), who remained the host of the segment until Kangaroo ended its run.

By the end of the 80's, PicturePages had moved to Nickelodeon, where it became a component of the network's Pinwheel anthology package. However, Pinwheel ended production in 1989, and so, PicturePages came to an end.

Following is a sample video, which was taken from a broadcast on Nick:

Rating: A.

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