Monday, May 20, 2013

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: The Galaxy Trio visits a "sleeping planet" (1967)

YouCantHoldMeDown presents an exciting Galaxy Trio adventure that should keep you on the edge of your seat, unless you want to settle down on "The Sleeping Planet":

Rating: B.


magicdog said...

This was definitely one of the show's better entries! It could easily be updated for a current incarnation.

Interesting how Vaporman's costume is missing sleeves - usually his arms are completely covered.

HB blew it when they didn't being this team back for Space Stars. Like The Impossibles and Space Ghost, this show should be brought back for a new audience.

Hey - a girl can dream of an HB Nation can't she?

hobbyfan said...

I'm with you. Unfortunately, WB has already screwed the pooch on this by letting Williams St. poop on the old shorts, as we've previously documented. It would require someone willing to take on what becomes a monumental task to clean up the mess.