Friday, May 31, 2013

Saturtainment: The Cattanooga Cats go A Ghosting A Go-Go (1969)

We have served up a couple of Cattanooga Cats musical numbers in the past, but now their adventures are up on YouTube.

Things to consider: Groovy (Casey Kasem, who was also heard on Scooby-Doo, Where Are You, Skyhawks, & Hot Wheels, all in the same season) always speaks in rhyme. Country (Bill Calloway) is the group's leader. Scoots (Jim Begg) is the resident chicken, and Kitty Jo (Julie Bennett) is just cute. In this story, the Cats run afoul of a ghost in "A Ghosting A Go-Go".

Edit: 11/4/15: Unfortunately, the video has been deleted due to copyright issues.

Worth noting: 9 years later, Casey Kasem & Bill Calloway would be reteamed when Calloway replaced Norm Alden as the voice of Aquaman on Challenge of the Super Friends.

Rating: B.


Geed said...

Love me some Cattanooga Cats! Surprisingly, I never knew about them until years later watching Boomerang! I don't know if they never got repeats in the 70's or what but I was flabbergasted when I saw it a few years ago. Classic Hanna-Barbera and I didn't know about it. Great 60's hippie music soundtrack as well.

hobbyfan said...

The series lasted 2 seasons, and in the second year, the show was split in half, with Motormouse & Autocat & It's The Wolf spun into an all-rerun half-hour of their own.

I should note, as I did in a previous review, that Mike Curb, who composed the music for Ken Snyder's two freshman series that year (Skyhawks & Hot Wheels) also composed the music for the Cats. Not sure if there's an album out there waiting to go on CD, though.....