Monday, May 27, 2013

Saturday School: Timer's recipe for "Sunshine on a Stick" (1970's)

Timer is back with a radical recipe for what amounts to a home made popsicle. I don't have the exact year this was produced, but now would be a good time to learn how to create "Sunshine on a Stick". Uploaded by Tracy80sgirl:

Disney would be well served to put Time for Timer on DVD. Period.

Rating: A.


SaturdayMorningFan said...

I'll second your call for Disney to release these on disc. They did a good job with the Schoolhouse Rock shorts (except for the DVNR).

hobbyfan said...

I think that because there were so few of these interstital spots, they may release them together with the two Afterschool Specials that introduced Timer. Let's just hope they do.

SaturdayMorningFan said...

That's right, I almost forgot about those Timer specials. I never liked them (they grossed me out) but I would buy the DVD package if they included all the Timer interstitials.

hobbyfan said...

I've got to remember to see if I can find those Afterschool specials and post them, too.