Thursday, November 8, 2012

You Know The Voices: June Foray & Bill Scott (1984)

June Foray would have to be considered the grand dame of voice actresses. June is still active, with a recurring part on Cartoon Network's The Looney Tunes Show, now in its 2nd season, but her career began in radio many, many moons ago, as it did for many other voice actors. June initially wasn't credited for some of the Looney Tunes characters she created for the classic shorts back in the day (i.e. Witch Hazel, Granny), since Mel Blanc had it written in his contract that he was the only actor to receive credit. Try figuring that one out.

June's most famous character, however, is Rocket J. (Rocky) Squirrel, star of Rocky & His Friends, aka The Bullwinkle Show, which passed its 50th anniversary a while back. She also was the show's lead villainness, Natasha Fatale, while Bill Scott was Bullwinkle, as well as Mr. Peabody & Dudley Do-Right.

In this clip from 1984, Bill & June are in Boston for an animation convention, and, as you'll see, even got to do their act on radio. Rocky queuing up a Kiss record? What next? Well, a year later, they appeared on Joe Piscopo's comedy-music CD, "New Jersey", not to be confused with the Bon Jovi disc of the same name that came out 3 years later.

Bill Scott passed away some time back, but as I noted earlier, June Foray is still with us, still entertaining audiences of all ages.......

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