Friday, November 23, 2012

Saturday Morning's Greatest Hits: Rubber Band Man (1976)

Discolarry124 uploaded this off a VHS he made of a VH1 rerun of American Bandstand from 1976. The Spinners perform "Rubber Band Man", which was a huge hit that summer & fall, and let me tell you, more than a decade later, when I saw them live on a package tour to promote Bandstand, they still had those ginormous rubber bands, which were totally wack.

Ya know, ABC kinda blew it three years later when they could've used this song to promote Plastic Man. Then again, what do some network suits know about synchronicity, anyway......


magicdog said...

Rather interesting the record date was 9-11. Sad how that date lives in infamy now.

I do remember the song getting use for Office Max commercials not too long ago - a mail room clerk is seen grooving to the tune as he goes about his duties at the offive - with a giant ball of rubber bands on his cart!

Rubber Band Man even got used as the name of a super villian turned hero - from the TV show, "Static Shock". As his name implies, he was a black Plasticman, and used to date Static's sister.

hobbyfan said...

Yeah, I've seen that Rubber Band Man and the OfficeMax ads.

That's the first Spinners clip I've put up that wasn't from Soul Train. Go figure.