Thursday, November 15, 2012

Daytime Heroes: Mummies Alive! (1997)

After Disney's Gargoyles ended its run with an ill-advised Saturday morning, ah, reincarnation, two of the show's writers moved to DIC and developed a similarly themed show about ancient guardians coming back to life in the modern world. Unfortunately, Mummies Alive! didn't have the same kind of staying power as Gargoyles, and was cancelled after just 1 season, though some stations kept the show around for a few more years. Currently, Cookie Jar, which bought out DIC a while back, has the series airing on Sundays (check your listings).

The series is set in San Francisco where a young boy named Presley discovers that he is the reincarnation of a young Egyptian Pharoah, Prince Rapses (based on Ramses). A group of mummies are brought back to life as Presley's bodyguards to protect him from an ancient enemy, Scarab, who wants Rapses/Presley's life force to achieve immortality.

Poing2001 uploaded the open:

Cookie cutter cartoon drama, by the numbers. Rinse & repeat. Nothing really new to see.

Rating: C.

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