Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Animated World of DC Comics: Operation Rescue (1967)

TheTeenageTitans serves up the last of three Teen Titans shorts from 1967's Superman-Aquaman Hour of Adventure. "Operation Rescue" is self-explanatory.

To think that it would be more than 35 years before there would be new Titans cartoons........

Rating: B.


Geed said...

Yes! Loves me some Filmation. Remember that Filmation book I told you about some months back. It's out, it's awesome, it's available in both hard copy and digitally from and I've been reading and laughing and turns out there was some stuff my old ass didn't know. Great read.

magicdog said...

I like this version of the Titans but I wish Robin hadn't been embargoed (I'm guessing due to the live action Batman show).

I think it's so cute when the guys call Donna, "Wonder Doll"! Just that alone gives you the feel that these guys are such good friends despite the middling animation and paper thin 6 minute storylines.

Was it ever explained why Kid Flash's costume colors were reversed?

hobbyfan said...

I have not read any explanation about why Kid Flash's color schematic was flipped (Geed, does the Filmation book say anything about that?), though I'd suspect it might be to maintain some conformity with Flash in his shorts.

In the books, Donna was called "Wonder Doll" or "Wonder Chick", too, and Kid Flash was dubbed "Twinkletoes", as was the case on TV in the Titans shorts. As I noted, the shorts were written by DC writers, so that made sense.