Thursday, November 22, 2012

Looney TV: Wakko Warner's 2:00 travelogue of the USA (1993 or so)

From Animaniacs comes this delightful gem.

In what starts off as a sort-of parody of Jeopardy!, sans Alex Trebek, Wakko Warner is challenged to name all 50 states & their capitals. Abruptly, he pulls out a map and a fiddle and sings his answer. Uploaded by DCNorton to YouTube:

Enough said.


magicdog said...

"Awww I'm sorry! You forgot to say it in the form of a question!"

I miss Animaniacs!

This was a great short and in many ways reminded me of the old "Schoolhouse Rock" lessons that once graced Saturday mornings.

hobbyfan said...

Ya know, I was thinking of that, and meant to say it was a cross between Schoolhouse & Jeopardy!, but I brain-locked at the wrong time.

Jess Harnell (Wakko) did a great job on this one. Really good toe-tapping stuff.