Monday, November 12, 2012

Daytime Heroes: Tranzor Z (1985)

Not every anime imported from Japan makes a successful transition to American television.

In the mid-80's, audiences in the US were accustomed to Voltron & Robotech. Star Blazers had gone off the air. An enterprising soul decided to acquire a 1972 anime, Mazinger Z, and adapt it for American audiences under the title, Tranzor Z. However, a great deal of editing was required in order to get Tranzor sold to US stations such as WSBK in Boston, because, you see, Mazinger had not only more violence than most of the other anime, but it had mature content that didn't seem appropriate for daytime viewing.

As a result, Tranzor Z lasted just one season in America, lost amidst a growing market for first run syndicated cartoons. Because it had been heavily edited or "watered down", as some critics might suggest, it wasn't very popular, unlike Robotech, which landed merchandising deals, including a line of comic books, and Voltron, which quickly gained a cult following.

ElHijodelDuce uploaded the open for Tranzor Z.

Rating: C-.

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