Friday, January 12, 2018

Toons You Might've Missed: Krazy Kat in Seeing Stars (1932)

George Herriman always intended Krazy Kat to be gender neutral, neither male nor female.

However, most of us are acquainted with the feminine characterization of Krazy in the 60's, thanks to King Features' syndicated cartoons. Thus, it will strike you as odd to see Krazy as a male cat in an earlier itineration.

Dating back to the silent film era, Krazy had been a fixture in theatrical shorts, though the rights were passed from one studio to another until settling at Columbia in the late 20's. In 1932's "Seeing Stars", Krazy is a nightclub entertainer, playing the piano to a house that includes a number of Hollywood stars of the era, including Laurel & Hardy and the Marx Brothers.

It ain't the same without Ignatz or Officer Pupp, let me tell you. I kind of prefer Krazy as a love-struck female, even if she has to repeat English class......

Rating: B-.

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