Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Animated World of DC Comics: Wonder Twins in Dangerous Prank (1977)

The Wonder Twins hit the slopes to help a young woman trapped after a "Dangerous Prank" goes awry. Michael Bell & Louise "Liberty" Williams double as two of the teenagers.

Edit, 7/23/18: We've changed the video. Now, we have the complete episode. You'll also see:

Superman & Aquaman in "Frozen Peril".

"The Mummy of Naszca"

Wonder Woman & Atom in "Cable Car Rescue".

About the ping-pong game. Depending on what rules you use, since Zan was leading, 5-0, vs. Gleek, in some places that's a shutout. I should know. I went through that myself in school, often on the wrong end. Apparently, the artists couldn't be bothered to have Gleek use a stool, since you're not supposed to be standing on the table to play, even with that elastic tail......

Rating: B.


magicdog said...

Actually that prank would have been funny if the girl hadn't skied off the cliff! Youtube is full of pranks just like it! Not to mention how many eps of AFV played similar ones - in which people would pop out of boxes, etc.

Funny how the victim here was buried in snow for hours and not suffering from hypothermia!

Funnier still was Zan's solution to getting her out - it seemed to me it risked burying her deeper!

hobbyfan said...

Well, I've said all along that Zan wasn't exactly the smartest. Jayna has both beauty and brains.

Anyway, given the time constraints, the writers took a shortcut by avoiding the obvious physical ailment of hypothermia. Today, they wouldn't take that risk.