Friday, January 5, 2018

Toon Legends: Betty Boop in Snow White (1933)

Max & Dave Fleischer, looking for something for Betty Boop to do, decided on a loose adaptation of the classic tale of Snow White. No dwarves to be had here in this musical farce.

Betty's basically an analogue for Snow White, such that the Queen, jealous that Betty has quickly usurped her in terms of being the fairest in the land, decides to do something about it.

Features Cab Calloway as the singing voice of Koko the Clown. The animators also rotoscoped some footage of Calloway dancing to match it to Koko. Today, they would've used motion capture......

Yeah, I know, it's extremely cold out there today in the Northeast. Seems Bimbo, Koko, & Betty didn't dress appropriately.

A Wikipedia account claims the Queen was modeled after Olive Oyl. That's hardly the case, though Mae Questel voices both Betty and the Queen.

No rating.

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