Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tooniversary: A complete episode of The Archie Show (1968)

On September 14, 1968, after a live-action pilot had failed to sell a few years earlier, Archie and his friends finally made their television debut on CBS, beginning an 8 year run (the final season, reruns of US Of Archie) were moved to Sundays, and blacked out in my home market).

This episode of The Archie Show appears to be a rerun compilation. First up, Archie, Reggie, & Jughead go surfing for first prize while Betty & Veronica find that the local lifeguard ain't exactly living up to his job description.

Then, Dilton Doiley converts his mother's washing machine into a computer, with the predictable results.

Ignore the poster's label. Online sources report that "The Computer" premiered in November, and "Surf Board" may have been part of a September episode.

Rating: B.

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