Saturday, January 6, 2018

Getting Schooled: Newton's Apple (1983)

PBS, it seems, has always had a fascination with science. After all, Nova is one of their longest running primetime shows. For 15 years (1983-98), Newton's Apple was the daytime equivalent.

Often shown as an after-school entry, Newton's Apple helped fulfill one of the remaining scholastic curriculums that hadn't been addressed on PBS. Sesame Street has been an entry-level program for preschoolers learning numbers and the alphabet. The Electric Company, in its original incarnation, was elementary school level English class with theatrics.

I never saw the show, so there won't be a rating. One wishes, though, that PBS would bring it back on the air, with reruns airing on their PBS Kids channel. Here's the intro:


Christopher Sobieniak said...

I recall the show airing on the weekends personally in the 80's, often around the time they played "The Secret City" (a show about drawing) and maybe The Computer Chronicles (you can see those elsewhere).

hobbyfan said...

Some PBS stations might've had the show running 6-7 days a week, for all we know.