Thursday, December 28, 2017

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Zorro in The Tyrant (1981)

Zorro with a sidekick? Yep.

In Filmation's 1981 adaptation, Zorro (Henry Darrow) often rode with a servant, Miguel, wearing brighter colors and a reddish mask, an excuse for the studio to redraw certain shots from The Lone Ranger.

In "The Tyrant", Zorro & Miguel must expose a visiting general for the greedy outlaw he really is.

It's a pity this lasted just the 1 season, as it deserved a better fate.

Rating: B+.


magicdog said...

Watching Zorro jump off a cliff to land on his horse made me think of Bruce Campbell's comedic turn as Jack of Trades. Remember him calling for his favorite steed, "Nutcracker"??

This was a cute show but I wonder if it can be revived again? I do miss shows with both action and daring do!

hobbyfan said...

Never saw Jack of All Trades, so I wouldn't know. The last animated Zorro revival was about 20 years ago, didn't get very far. Whomever holds the rights could be persuaded under the right circumstances to bring him back, as long as it remains a period piece.

magicdog said...

I highly recommend Jack of all Trades! Funny comedy adventure series made by the same folks who made Hercules, Xena and Cleopatra 2525. It's out on video I think.

As for Zorro, in 2006 there was also a foreign made cartoon which took place in the near future involving the descendant of Zorro. It was called, "Zorro - Generation Z" It seemed to blend a bit of The Phantom with Zorro's mythos (Zorro became a family business from father to son).

I found that series online - it wasn't bad, but had lots of potential.

hobbyfan said...

I've heard of the Generation Z series, have yet to view it. Wasn't the first series to try to turn Zorro into a family business (the sitcom Zorro & Son was first).

Jack of All Trades & Cleopatra 2525 came out the same year and were packaged together. Ended up airing in the wee small ones after Saturday Night Live around my area.