Sunday, November 19, 2017

Justice League Week: Batman, Robin, & Rima tackle a forest fire (1977)

Justice League week concludes with a Super Friends short from 1977.

Batman (Olan Soule), Robin (Casey Kasem), and guest star Rima (Shannon Farnon) take on the challenge of a forest "Fire". Soule is also heard as a fire marshal, Kasem as an escaped convict.

Plus: A craft lesson with Wonder Woman, and a safety tip from Superman.

Edit, 6/22/18: We've replaced the video with the complete show. You'll also get:

Superman & Wonder Woman in "Dr. Fright".

Wonder Twins in "Drag Race".

"Day of The Plant Creatures".

Not sure if Rima had been created as a female version of Tarzan, but that's where she gets the ability to communicate with animals.

Rating: A-.


magicdog said...

Boy does this bring back memories!

That craft segment really takes the momentum out of the story! They should have placed it at the end instead of the safety segment.

Rima is actually a very old character. She first appeared in the novel, "Green Mansions", by W.H. Hudson back in 1904. She was known as "Rima The Bird Girl". She lived alone (with only the animals for company)in the rain forest of South America. DC Comics adapted the character in 1975 - which no doubt is why she got used for Superfriends.

There is also a film adaptation of "Green Mansions" - made in 1959. Audrey Hepburn was Rima, while Anthony Perkins played her potential love interest, Abel. The movie was considered a critical and box office flop, but I've seen way worse films.

hobbyfan said...

Hmmm. Audrey Hepburn as Rima. I wonder if Green Mansions is on DVD.

I think DC acquired Rima before 1975, probably around 1973, because I've seen ads, and had an issue of the series, where the cover bore a price of 20 cents.