Saturday, July 2, 2016

Saturtainment: Remember Kool-Aid Man? (1970's)

A few weeks back, Progressive Insurance's ad agency resurrected the Kool-Aid Man, the sentient pitcher of the long-running fruit flavored drink, now made by Kraft.

However, in the 70's, you couldn't escape him. Commercials featuring the character were as much a part of Saturday morning television as the cartoons themselves. The 80's brought a video game from Atari, and a short-lived comic book series, usually a promotional tie-in, since I never saw it in stores, published first by Marvel, then Archie.

From 1978, Kool-Aid Man is put in a position to be a hero.....

Prior to the Progressive ad, Kool-Aid Man's last appearance was in an episode of Family Guy. Knowing Seth McFarlane, it probably wasn't in good taste.

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