Sunday, July 3, 2016

Daytime Heroes: Wild Bill Hickok (1951)

I first ran across reruns of Wild Bill Hickok when they aired on CBN (now Freeform) in the 80's. Back then, of course, Hickok was airing as much as six days a week, but when the series ended its original run in 1958, it was airing concurrently on 2 networks, ABC & CBS, the former on Friday afternoons.

Guy Madison had the title role as Hickok, aided by comedy relief sidekick Jingles (Andy Devine). Basically, this was a typical Western aimed at younger viewers during the period. Sony owns the rights to the series, as it was originally distributed through Screen Gems.

Even though school's out for the summer, save for summer school, here's "The Lady School Teacher":

You'd think this would be playing somewhere now, like, for example, INSP or Encore Westerns, but as far as I know, it isn't.

Rating: B.

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