Sunday, July 31, 2016

Animated World of DC Comics: The Justice League returns to Cartoon Network

The rumors you've probably heard are true. The Justice League is returning to Cartoon Network this fall after a lengthy absence with an all-new series that promises plenty of action, coupled with some lighter moments.

From what we know about Justice League Action, some familiar voices will be heard, including Kevin Conroy (Batman), Mark Hamill (The Joker), Gilbert Gottfried (reprising as Mr. Mxyzptlk from Superman: The Animated Series), and Josh Keaton (Green Lantern Hal Jordan). Also, there will be some characters relatively new to the DCAU 2.0, including the Space Cabby (Patton Oswalt, ex-The King of Queens). No firm launch date has been announced as yet, although the following trailer premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con last weekend:

The plan is for 2 11 minute episodes to fill a half-hour. Knowing CN as we do, they'll play this into the ground as quickly as possible, but they'd be well served to keep this on the air leading into the live-action "Justice League" movie coming next year. Then again, knowing CN........!


Silverstar said...

Justice League Action's survival will depend on a) how much exposure Cartoon Network gives it and b) how well the inevitable toy line based on it sells. The 11-minute story format (according to CN's plan) is supposed to keep the kiddos' glued to the screen without their attention waning, since there will presumably be less of those pesky plot lines and 'slow' moments. Never mind how heavily CN dropped the ball on DC Nation due to their under-promoting the shows on it (except for Teen Titans GO!) and not giving them any encores so kids would have more of a chance to catch the shows.

Based on what little I've seen on JLA, it seems to be a good mix: the animation is solid, the voice acting is good, it has talented writers and producers at the helm (including DC legend Alan Burnett) and it seems to be a decent mix of action, humor (after the bleak joylessness of Man of Steel and Batman V Superman, a lighter touch is definitely needed) and a bevy of familiar and obscure characters a la Batman: The Brave and the Bold, only a little better since this time Superman and Wonder Woman are finally getting a shot in the limelight.

If handled properly, this series can go far, though as you say, if anyone can figure out a way to screw this up, it's CN.

hobbyfan said...

In other words, each episode is done-in-one, or so it would seem. Can't stand the fact they keep insulting the intelligence of today's kids, and still subscribe to the theory that kids have a sound byte mentality, a theory dating back to the 80's.