Monday, July 18, 2016

Rare Treats: Bananaman (1983)

Time to go across the pond and scope out a long forgotten British hero. Well, forgotten insofar as the US is concerned, that is.

Bananaman began life as a comic book character in England in 1980. Three years later, the BBC commissioned an animated series, with cast members of the comedy series, The Goodies, providing the voices.

Here in the US, Bananaman aired on Nickelodeon, usually as filler for fellow Brit Danger Mouse. As you'll see in the following video, the character designs were taken directly from the comic books themselves.

Here's "Bananaman vs. Dr. Gloom", with a plot that I'm sure looks familiar to some of you.

Reportedly, they've been working on a movie and/or a stage production based on the comics over in England. Something I doubt we'll see here.

Rating: C.

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