Saturday, July 23, 2016

It Should've Been on a Saturday: Action Man (1995)

DIC & Bohbot collaborated on a licensed adaptation of Hasbro's Action Man in 1995. The syndicated series ran for 2 seasons, airing on cable on Nickelodeon, or so Wikipedia claims. Don't recall seeing it on Nick, to tell you the truth.

I didn't pay much attention to the show, so there's not to be a rating. Let's look at the open:

Curiously, Action Man returned in 2000, but this time, Alex Mann (Action Man) is an extreme sports enthusiast in a CGI series that aired on Fox, and was produced by Canada's Mainframe Entertainment. We'll look at that another time.


Silverstar said...

The 1995 Action Man was part of a syndicated block of shows titled "Amazin' Adventures", which in most areas aired 5 days a week. Action Man aired Mondays, DiC's Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (not to be confused with ABC's SatAM Sonic) on Tuesdays, Gadget Boy and Heather on Wednesdays, Princess Guinevere and the Jewel Riders on Thursdays and A.J's Time Travelers (the sole live-action show on the block) on Fridays.

hobbyfan said...

Thanks for the info, Silverstar.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot of the info Silverstar! I really couldn't remember the name of the live-action show (I saw a few times as a kid) that's been bugging me for years recently. Thanks for telling me the name "A.J's Time Travelers." It wasn't too popular a show, but I just needed to remember the name. I can rest easy now.

From what I remember, I knew it aired Sundays on UPN right after "Princess Guinevere and the Jewel Riders" and was a live-action show with a dude in a uniform. Who would have thought that a lone comment on a blog would be the only place on the web that has "Princess Guinevere and the Jewel Riders" and "A.J's Time Travelers" on the same page. None of the "retro 90s cartoon" archives or websites had it! I searched all over the place! And believe me, it's really hard when you don't know the name of the show (A.J's Time Travelers).

Thanks a lot Silverstar!