Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tooniversary: Pelswick (2000)

You have to give Pelswick creator John Callahan credit for thinking outside the box. His was a rare cartoon whose title protagonist is disabled.

Pelswick, you see, is already in a wheelchair at 13 due to an auto accident. However, he doesn't want anyone feeling sorry for him, and he feels he can function just fine, thank you. The series was developed at Nelvana Studios in Canada in collaboration with a Chinese studio. Now, that's another first.

Pelswick found its way to the States, landing at Nickelodeon in 2000, and eventually was tried out at CBS in 2002. Unfortunately, Pelswick was given a quick hook at CBS, cancelled after 2 months, which suggested that Nick viewers weren't fond of him, either. The voice cast is made up largely of unknowns, with the only real star being David Arquette, who voices Mr. Jimmy, Pelswick's guardian angel.

Let's scope the series opener:

Not sure if Callahan had worked on other series, but the designs have a familiar look to them, used elsewhere. Hmmm.

No rating.

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