Friday, June 12, 2015

Animated World of DC Comics: Justice League: Gods & Monsters Chronicles, part 3 (2015)

The final part of the miniseries is here. Wonder Woman, rebooted as the daughter of Orion of the New Gods, teams with her true love, Steve Trevor, to stop Kobra from unleashing a monster-sized robot, which is the rebooted Giganta.

Ok, let it sink in. Batman (Kirk Langstrom) is a vampire. Wonder Woman is a New God. Superman is the son of General Zod, instead of Zod's mortal enemy, and raised in Mexico. Can you imagine what the full length movie, out next month, is going to be like?

And if that doesn't whet your appetite, DC is willing to help, with a trio of 1-shots, plus a weekly miniseries, in July & August. I like what I've seen. Do you?

Rating (for the miniseries): A.


magicdog said...

Not bad, but I'm not crazy about the ending. Neither Batman or Superman would ever be shown getting it on after a battle!

hobbyfan said...

4 years ago, when DC launched their "New 52", they had Batman & Catwoman "geting it on", and of course there were certain folks that weren't down with the way it was portrayed. Superman, because of what he is, couldn't possibly be able to do so with, say, Lois Lane, if you go by theory, without killing Lois.

A more sexually active Wonder Woman, on the other hand.......!