Thursday, June 25, 2015

Daytime Heroes: Bucky & Pepito (1959)

Sam Singer was perhaps the most prominent of independent producers in television's early days.

For cartoon fanatics, Singer was responsible for not only Courageous Cat and at least a share of the Sinbad, Jr. series, but also Pow Wow, the Indian Boy, and our next subject, Bucky & Pepito.

There are those who see Bucky & Pepito as one of the worst cartoons of all time. Seeing as how I'm only seeing this for the first time today, I can't rightly judge. Dallas McKennon voices all the characters, though Bucky is in absentia, in "The Coyote Catcher":

Only 36 shorts were made, so Singer was told to pull the plug. Courageous Cat, created by Bob Kane, followed the next year, and, well, you know that story.

Rating: C-.

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