Saturday, June 27, 2015

On The Air: Arthur (1996)

Marc Brown's Arthur has become a fixture on PBS for nearly 20 years, merrily rolling along as the series, and the books they're based on, teach kids plenty of life lessons.

I haven't watched enough of the show to form an opinion, so there's no rating. On the other hand, since school is out for the year, let's take a look at an episode.

Arthur did produce a spin-off, Postcards From Buster, which ran into a bit of controversy 10 years ago. We'll discuss that another time.


magicdog said...

When my niece was little we used to watch Arthur together. I always hated his sister with a passion! She caused all sort of destructive mayhem (often ruining her brother's science project or other personal possession) and was NEVER punished for it! I actually felt bad for Arthur!

hobbyfan said...

Some kids are priveleged, if but because parents don't know the whole story......