Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Animated World of DC Comics: Justice League: Gods & Monsters Chronicles (2015)

This is most definitely not the Justice League you know and love. Not even close.

Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett, and friends have put a decidedly twisted spin on the iconic team in an online miniseries, Justice League: Gods & Monsters Chronicles, a set of three shorts that will go live this week on Machinima, which in turn has a YouTube channel.

This much we know: In this version, Superman is the son of one of his deadliest enemies, General Zod. Batman (Michael C. Hall, fresh from Dexter) is not Bruce Wayne, but rather Kirk Langstrom, so there is no Man-Bat in this alternate world.

In "Twisted", Batman meets Harley Quinn (Tara Strong), who's even more demented than before, as if her personality was melded with that of the Joker.

Oh, that ending is going to freak people out, I tell you.

Part 2 goes live tomorrow, and the conclusion on Friday. A feature length DTV and some comic book tie-ins hit stores next month.

Rating: A.


magicdog said...

I heard about this a few weeks ago - interesting how Bruce Timm of all people has chosen to walk so far away from the DCAU he created.

I had a hunch the ending was going to be what it was - I had read about this alternate Batman. Perhaps that's why Timm did it this way - none of the characters we know so well would be the A-1 heroes they've always been.

I know Wonder Woman in this reality will be a New God - who was married to Orien.

Steven Dolce said...

The animation of this movie is very reminiscent of the original Teen Titans cartoon that Cartoon Network used to air between 2003 and 2006.

hobbyfan said...

Magicdog: That is correct in re.: Wonder Woman.

Steven: Actually, the animation is a little better than TT '03. It's not anime. It's toon noir, 2015 style.

Steven Dolce said...

Why didn't you like the fact that Teen Titans 2003 had anime-influenced animation?

hobbyfan said...

The anime didn't fit the characters, IMPO, seeing as how I read the original books that inspired the series. The show was played for laughs more often than not, which deviated from the original source material. On the other hand, it beats a Rastafarian Joker (The Batman) any day.