Thursday, March 20, 2014

Saturday School: Kids' Court (1988)

In the 80's, Nickelodeon was more willing to take chances with original programming. While today's Nick plays a select handful of series into the ground (i.e. SpongeBob SquarePants) with relentless blocks of episodes on a daily basis, original series from the golden years of the 80's remain locked in the vaults, where they don't belong.

One of those shows is Kids' Court, which was a juvenile version of The People's Court, but on a relatively low-budget set. Actor Paul Provenza was the series host for the entirety of its 2 year run (1988-90), which meant that the show was another one that ended too soon for its own good. Let's take a look at a sample clip:

Nick aired Kids' Court around 8 am (ET), which might've been too early for some kids. It also aired on Sundays, and reruns would air on weekdays when Nick felt it was necessary. Bad idea which contributed to the series' demise.

Rating: A.

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