Monday, March 31, 2014

Daytime Heroes: Q. T. Hush (1960)

Q. T. Hush is one of those long forgotten syndicated entries from the 60's that was produced specifically to be used in locally produced kids' shows. Independently produced, Hush tells the story of a private eye and his dog solving oddball crimes.

All the voices were done by one man---Dallas McKennon, who also was doing Gumby at the same time, as well as one other one-man show---Courageous Cat, Bob Kane's feline send-up of Batman. Toontracker takes us into the midst of a serial already underway, in which the Statue of Liberty has been abducted. Why they couldn't just say it was stolen, I'll never know. It makes more sense that way!

No rating. This was before my time.

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