Monday, March 31, 2014

Saturday Morning's Greatest Hits: Oh, How I Love You (1972)

From The Flintstone Comedy Hour in 1972, here's the Bedrock Rockers performing "Oh, How I Love You". I honestly don't know who the studio singers were that recorded this number, but I've a feeling it sounds similar to the music Mike Curb produced for the Cattanooga Cats 3 years earlier. Then again, Don Kirshner was still on the H-B payroll, since he was the music supervisor for Amazing Chan & The Chan Clan the same season.


magicdog said...

This tune sounds more like the music Archie and the gang were singing a few years earlier.

Still sounds like one of the better Bedrock Rocker selections.

hobbyfan said...

Never did find out who the studio singers were, though.