Sunday, March 2, 2014

Saturday Morning's Greatest Hits: Our Lips Are Sealed & We Got The Beat (1982)

The Go-Go's released their debut record, "Beauty & The Beat", near the end of 1981, but didn't make their 1st appearance on American Bandstand until January 1982, and performed both of their first singles, "Our Lips Are Sealed" & "We Got The Beat". You guys probably all have your favorites among these five lovely ladies.........

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magicdog said...

One of my fave bands of all time!

Much of their work still holds up, and after having purchased a compilation CD which included some new material - they hadn't lost their touch despite the band's ups & downs.

I still have a lot of their original vinyl released too!

I was so saddened when they first broke up shortly after the release of "Talk Show". I had purchased Belinda Carlisle's first solor record and several songs sounded like "grown up Go Gos" if that makes sense. She collaborated with half of her old band and even the Bangles as musicians and backup singers!

I remember seeing them for the first time live on Dick Clarks Rockin' Eve to ring in the new year - 1982! Damn I feel old.

hobbyfan said...

I guess, to paraphrase an old cliche, absence will make a band stronger.

I remember seeing the concert clip of "We Got The Beat", and how the cameras tended to focus on Belinda's feet when she was dancing. Fetishes, anyone?