Thursday, January 10, 2013

You Know the Voice: Jack Sheldon

To two generations of kids, he was the voice behind Schoolhouse Rock classics, "Conjunction Junction" & "I'm Just a Bill". However, Jack Sheldon was pretty well known to parents around that time, too.

Over at The Land of Whatever, I took a look at Sheldon's short-lived 1966 sitcom, Run, Buddy, Run, about an ordinary guy on the run from the Mob in a sort-of left-handed homage to The Fugitive. Sheldon otherwise was already well into his other vocation as a jazz musician, and also appeared frequently on The Merv Griffin Show & Dragnet, among other things.

A few years back, Sheldon was the subject of a documentary, "Trying to Get Good", from which we get an excerpt that includes Sheldon performing "How Do You Start?".

What I wanted to do was pull a clip from an episode of Mike Hammer, Private Eye that Sheldon appeared on, but it isn't on YouTube. Oh, well, this is better than nothing at all, effendis. Take a look at the video, and try to picture that sentient piece of rolled up paper on the steps of Capitol Hill............


Patrick M oore said...

You know he did appear in two episodes of Johnny Bravo and a cameo in a early episode of Family Guy.

hobbyfan said...

Yes, I'm aware of his doing Johnny Bravo. In fact, look for "The Sensitive Male", which Sheldon guest-starred in, to pop up as we get closer to Valentine's Day. I've also read of the Family Guy gig.