Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Game Time Extra: Meet William Hanna (To Tell The Truth, 1975)

It isn't that often we get to meet the creative forces behind our favorite cartoon characters. In 1975, with Hanna-Barbera at the height of its popularity on Saturday mornings, William Hanna was invited to appear on the now-syndicated To Tell The Truth, which, as you'll see, was hosted during this period by Garry Moore, who took over after Bud Collyer passed away 6 years earlier. A couple of years later, Moore himself was forced to step down due to illness, passing the baton to baseball player-turned-broadcaster Joe Garagiola, but that's another story.

Hanna is easily recognizable if you've seen pictures of him, or have seen the specials produced in later years celebrating H-B. Yogi Bear (Daws Butler) serves as guest announcer, and Daws is heard briefly speaking in his own voice before morphing back to Yogi. Uploaded by Garry Moore Fan to YouTube:

I'm reserving a rating on Truth for when I do a full review in The Land Of Whatever down the road.


magicdog said...

Rather odd Scooby Doo wasn't mentioned! Oh well!

ALready a hundred series by '75! Quite the achievement.

I wonder if some people wouldn't have known what Bill Hanna looked like since IIRC, Joe Barbera was the often the face you saw in interviews and such? I know they have been interviewed together, but there were also many more times in which Barbera was the sole interviewee. He was also quite colorful personality wise.

hobbyfan said...

1. I think you may be on point on why Hanna appeared here. Barbera was the primary point man in terms of PR for the company, but I do remember seeing them together in one of those primetime specials celebrating the company.

2. Scooby was out of production in 1975, and would return a year later, as we all know.

Steve K said...

That was a fun show. Thanks for posting this! Daws Butler's real voice sounds like Huckleberry Hound.

hobbyfan said...

You're quite welcome.