Saturday, January 26, 2013

Proof that the Ghostbusters can deal with mortal threats, too.......(1986)

80'sDream brings us this quickie from the 1986 animated Ghostbusters series in which one of the team's juvenile helpers is confronted by a drug dealer who looks like a reject from another cartoon.........

Enough said.


magicdog said...

The drug dealer definitely looks like a fugitive from the 80s TMNT cartoon - even though it wasn't on the air yet!

I'm not suprised at the "No" message as Nancy Reagan's campaign ("Just Say No") was in full swing by then. It didn't always work however. I remember an 8 year old kid in Bed Sty who told a 12 year old dealer he didn't want what he was selling. The dealer was so enraged that he chained the little kid to a pole and set him on fire.

Sometimes doing the right thing isn't enough.

hobbyfan said...

All that tells me is that the drug dealer was more interested in his bottom line than decency and common sense. I think they caught him, didn't they?