Thursday, January 31, 2013

It Should've Been on a Saturday: Galtar & the Golden Lance (1985)

Galtar & The Golden Lance was part of the first season of the Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera anthology block in 1985, but, regrettably, was cancelled after 1 season, due mostly, methinks, to a backlash over everyone and their brother trying to copy the success formula of Filmation's He-Man, which was in its 3rd & final season. The cancellation prevented a proper closure to the storyline involving Galtar, Princess Goleeta and her brother, Zorn, and the evil Tormack, who had in his possession a sword that belonged to Goleeta's family, which, coupled with Galtar's lance, would make its owner invincible in combat.

JediJuggernaut uploaded the open & close:

Personally, I felt this was also a bit of a knockoff of Ruby-Spears' Thundarr the Barbarian, except Goleeta wasn't a sorceress, and Zorn had mental powers.

Rating: B-.


magicdog said...

I rather liked the show and I wouldn't mind a reboot someday.

Like so many other shows, we never did get a definitive onclusion but I do give points to HB for adding Zorn as a regular character. As you know, if a long lost friend/relative/ally is introduced, they tend to find some excuse not to add them to the main cast and have them go off on their own for some concocted reason.

I wouldn't mind if a reboot appeard - but I doubt it.

hobbyfan said...

Considering that WB has a zillion other properties to consider, and the fact that Galtar was in fact a failure, it's a low priority.

Maybe a movie to recap the original story, and add the finish that never was?

magicdog said...

I'd settle for a definitive ending.

If WB has so many other properties, why do we seem to get only Batman/Scooby Doo/Batman/Batman/Batman reboots?

hobbyfan said...

Because they seem to think that's all the consumer base is interested in. With a vast library of H-B & Ruby-Spears product, plus a lot of WB shorts not featuring the usual suspects (Bugs, Daffy, et al), you'd think they'd take better care and make it all available over time in some form. I guess that's why they invented fan fiction.......